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AJHP Podcast on PPMI with Dr. Henri Manasse of ASHP

I just finished listening to an AJHP Podcast interview of Dr. Henri Manasse, CEO and Executive Vice President of ASHP and keynote speaker at the PPMI Summit last year. Overall it was an interesting interview. Dr. Manasse had some good things to say. One thing I found particularly interesting was a short section near the […]

No walls, mobility and modularity

AMD blogs: “I can envision a future where we carry around a personal module and when we get close to any display, we can easily interact with our content and communicate with our loved ones. We are a ways off from that future. It will be driven by powerful CPUs, GPUs, APUs, wireless, HCI and […]

SugarSync, an easy way to share large files across the net

It’s not uncommon for me to find myself with the need to get a large file onto someone else’s machine. The problem is that I’ve moved away from many of the more traditional ways of moving files back and forth. I try to carry a flash drive with me, but someone always needs one and […]

West Coast fails to get single city in list of top 7 cities for IT jobs…bummer

Healthcare IT News: Houston claimed the top spot to find an IT job in large part due to its position as a key hub for numerous global organizations – many of which are now rebounding from the recession and benefitting from increased IT budget. … A number of east coast cities also took top spots […]

Pharmacy Director needed…programming experience required?

As I alluded to in a recent post, I still get a fair number of emails and phone calls from pharmacy recruiters; actually got one of each today. The following recruiter email arrived in my inbox a few days ago. I found a few things very interesting. Feel free to read the entire job description, […]

Why I dropped DropBox

I received the following email message from DropBox the other day:

Cool Pharmacy Technology–Apoteca

I have a soft spot for robotics, especially for IV preparation. I’m not quite sure that pharmacy is ready to fully embrace the idea, but we’re well on our way. APOTECAchemo is an IV preparation robot modeled in the image of i.v.STATION. Prior to yesterday I had not heard of APOTECA. Fortunately someone visiting my […]

Being labeled as ‘Google sheep’

I’ve been labeled ‘Google sheep’! All this because I said the Google Chromebook wasn’t a bad idea. Did I come out and say it was the only platform worth using? Nope. Did I say it was the greatest thing since sliced bread? Certainly not. Did I say it was revolutionary? By no means. Did I […]

Opinion: why the Google Chromebook is not a bad idea

Anyone that knows me personally or has read this site must realize that I like technology and think that the cloud is the future for a great many things. While I don’t necessarily think the cloud is ready for primetime for everyone, I believe that we have yet to realize the full power of moving […]

Laptop want versus laptop need “The right laptop to get is the one that will be able to serve most of your needs, most of the time, with the fewest compromises on factors that matter to you. …. Almost everyone can point to a handful of situations in which a given Apple laptop is impossible, impractical, or frustrating to […]