AJHP Podcast on PPMI with Dr. Henri Manasse of ASHP

I just finished listening to an AJHP Podcast interview of Dr. Henri Manasse, CEO and Executive Vice President of ASHP and keynote speaker at the PPMI Summit last year.

Overall it was an interesting interview. Dr. Manasse had some good things to say. One thing I found particularly interesting was a short section near the beginning of the interview where he spoke about using pharmacy residents to focus on issues brought up during the PPMI Summit.

Every pharmacy resident is required to do a project during their residency. The projects range from investigational medication use, to antibiotic stewardship programs, to investigating new practice models. Most hold significant value not only to the resident, but the facility as well. Project time in many pharmacies is difficult to come by for pharmacists in a staffing role, so it makes sense to make use of pharmacy residents when appropriate.

With over 1500 pharmacy residents each year it shouldn’t take long to knock out all those PPMI Summit recommendations.

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  1. I think it’s a reasonable idea for residents to try including the recommendations as an objective in their projects. Although, some may be more feasible than others.

    “Recommendation C4. Sufficient pharmacy resources must be available to safely develop, implement, and maintain technology‐related medication use safety standards.”

    Perhaps a bake sale?

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