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Cool Pharmacy Technology – Kiro Oncology System

I’ve recently had conversations with several companies outside the U.S. developing robotic technology for the i.v. room. One of those systems is the Kiro Oncology System. Check the video below. A couple of things worth noting: The system uses dual robotic arms during the compounding process. This is something that is important for the next […]

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – Intelliguard RFID Solutions from MEPS Real-Time

Last week I spent some time down south in San Diego visiting a couple of hospitals and speaking with the good folks at MEPS Real-Time. My objective for the visit was twofold: 1) see MEPS RFID Solutions in a live environment, and 2) speak with the people at MEPS and get an inside look at […]

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – Intelliport Medication System

I briefly mentioned the Intelliport Medication System from BD in a previous post. The technology and potential use cases are impressive. The BD Intelliport System offers: Drug and concentration information is presented to the user via audio and visual feedback. The system pulls information from the bar code on the syringe as it’s inserted into […]

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – Eyecon Visual Counting System

It’s hard to imagine that pharmacies still manually count medications and pour them into bottle for distribution to patients, but it goes on all the time. Even large pharmacies that have robotic dispensing systems still have to manually dispense a fair number of medications for one reason or another. Eyecon by RxMedic is an automated […]

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Cool Technology for Healthcare – GPS SmartSole

Yep, you read the right, GPS-enabled insoles for your shoes. Very interesting concept when you stop to consider the potential benefits of such technology in healthcare, i.e. think Alzheimer’s for one, although the use cases are expansive. Up until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of the GPS SmartSole, but apparently they’ve […]

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – TelePharm

Telepresence has seen its ups and downs over the years. The technology is certainly nothing new, but it has been underutilized in both the inpatient and outpatient healthcare space. This is especially true when it comes to pharmacy, which is odd because one would think that telepresence technology could be used to give pharmacists the […]

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SCiO – a molecular scanner for your pocket

medGadget: “A new device launching on Kickstarter today aims to simplify the process by utilizing spectrometry to analyze and provide real-time information on any food that you aim it at. Dubbed SCiO, this molecular scanner from Tel Aviv-based company Consumer Physics takes spectrometry technology found commonly in laboratories and industrial environments and places it in […]

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Cool Pharmacy Technology – Verification by MedKeeper

I had an opportunity to spend some time at MedKeeper headquarters in Westminster, CO last week. I’ve worked with MedKeeper before, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to visit the facility and meet their team. MedKeeper is a company that makes several products for acute care pharmacy, specifically they develop software […]

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Real-time medication tracking: Pharmtrac.PD by PlusDelta Technologies

I’ve been revisiting some of the pharmacy technology that I’ve covered over the past few years. Partly to see what advances have been made, if any, and partly to see if some of the smaller guys I’ve come across are still in business. PlusDelta Technologies is an interesting little company that I discovered at the […]

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Smart prescription bottle to be used in clinical trial for med compliance

Medical Xpress: “Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, a Cornell University college, has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the New York City Economic Development Corp. and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration for a clinical study to test the effectiveness of the smart pill bottle on drug adherence in HIV-positive patients. It was one […]

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