Monday evening quarterback

What a great weekend. The Super Bowl wasn’t a blowout and turned out to be quite exciting in the end. The commercials weren’t extravagant, but were surprisingly entertaining. The one downside was the absolutely embarrassing rendition of the National Anthem sung by Christina Aguilera. For all those would be National Anthem singers out there, please don’t add to or take away from the National Anthem. When you do, you’re doing nothing more than punching this great country of ours in the face.

Anyway, here’s some other stuff I’ve found interesting over the weekend:

Blood clots made visible by nanoparticles (Gizmag) – I like nanoparticles. Their value appears limitless as batteries, tumor destroying soldiers, robotic surgeons, etc. If I was younger, smarter and research driven this is where I would spend my time; targeted drug delivery is the future.

Medscape Mobile for Android – Medscape mobile isn’t in that upper echelon of medical reference apps, but it’s fairly decent and free.

New Study Identifies Frequent Causes of Analgesic Medication Errors (American Pain Society) – Not surprisingly the article quotes the frequency of analgesic drug errors in hospitals as nearly 3 per 1000 prescriptions. However, it’s important to remember how drug errors are acknowledged; some are harmful, while others hold no clinical significance. The article in The Journal of Pain can be found here.

Smartphone Usage up 60 Percent ( – Of course Apple and Android are the big winners, with Android on top, but expect the numbers to shift again now that the iPhone is available on Verizon.

American Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (AIPS) – “AIPS is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is focused on advancing healthcare solutions and improving medication safety and health outcomes.” – Interesting site. Thanks to John Poikonen (@poikonen) for bringing it to my attention.

WebMD vs. – Reliable Medical Information (eHealth John Sharp) – Very interesting take on medical information and commercial advertising.

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