Now here’s a job worth investigating

I’ve been infatuated with job listing lately as I feel that many healthcare systems looking for pharmacists just don’t get it. But I have to give credit where credit is due. I came across the following listing in my RSS feed this morning. It comes from The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

General Information

Job title:
Critical Care Pharmacist

Job Classification

Job Category: Hospital Pharmacist
Speciality Pharmacist Clinical Pharmacist

Job Description

Job description:

200-Bed Acute Care Teaching Hospital seeks a Critical Care Pharmacist to work decentralized in ICU. State-of-the-art technology with a pharmacy department that has recently invested in the very latest pharmacy automation. Present EMAR implementation along with barcoding…CPOE to follow. Pharmacy Director runs a first-class operation with many career growth opportunities.

Responsibilities: New Intensivist in ICU desires to work with pharmacists which have the knowledge of many specialized protocols that she will institute for evidence-based patient care. Critical Care Pharmacist will manage Pharmacy Program in the Critical Care Setting (ICU) and Acute Rehab. Daily rounding in ICU with Intensivist and weekly rounding in Acute Rehab. Primary communicator with physicians and nursing staff in Critical Areas. Ability to start new programs and ability to teach. We also want this person to fully develop and expand the role of the Critical Care Pharmacist…this is a newly-created position for the facility.

The job description lets you know that the facility takes things seriously and the job sounds interesting; hi-tech environment, career growth, progressive DOP (implied), critical care medicine, intensivist that wants a pharmacist, evidence based practice, daily rounding, teaching, projects, etc. Wow!

I thought about applying for the job myself, but I don’t meet the minimum requirements. Awesome!

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